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Wonder Buildings

Wonder Building Earth Covered Structures provide energy and space efficiency. The strength of the arch allows for up to 100% usable interior space using less materials than other types of Earth Covered Structures.

Less materials = less construction = less cost.

All of this in a building system recognized nationally by the American Institute of Architects for its contributions to GREEN CONSTRUCTION with the World Birding Center project being chosen as an AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Projects. [See the World Birding Project in Mission, TX at www.aiatopten.org . Call Hardened Structures of America to discuss how Wonder Buildings can be part of your building project.]

We focus on helping you meet your building project goals. Whether it is finding cost-effective solutions, developing a Green construction project, responding to technical questions, or helping the construction crew troubleshoot on-site erection issues, Hardened Structures of America’s professional team will assist you in every phase of your building project.

Architectural and Engineering consultation and services, construction and project management services are available through our partner firms. For more information, contact your Hardened Structures of America sales representative at (402) 613-8290.

Since the 1950s, Wonder Buildings have provided cost-effective earth-covered shelter for military, industrial, commercial, and residential use.

Earth covered Wonder Buildings are not only featured in Life Magazine and numerous home building journals, but are fully tested by the US Military as earth covered magazines.

The flexibility of the Wonder Building System makes it ideal for test buildings, blast containment buildings, an energy efficient manufacturing and warehouse space.

Wonder Buildings are particularly suited for Residential and Commercial buildings. The arch provides a cost-effective building shell that easily configures with conventional building systems.

The modular nature of the arch shell allows for easy construction and integration with interior construction, HVAC systems, insulation, interior walls and lighting. Endwalls can be constructed of steel, concrete, glass, or other conventional building materials.

Earth Covered Wonder Buildings can be designed to allow:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Protection against weather, external threats
  • Construction with sustainable building materials
  • Living Roofs—ground cover or food can be grown on your living space
  • Earth Covering, Underground Construction or Bermed Construction
  • Large Span, Special Applications and Protective Shelter

Wonder Buildings can be hardened with concrete or hardened with concrete and reinforcing steel for added strength or for special applications such as blast buildings, hardened aircraft shelter, or other types of protective shelter.

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